About Us

GadgetYouth is a platform for university students that aim to establish an entrepreneurial mindset Malaysia. Thus, we want to nurture more students to be “The-Next-Steve Jobs” or “The-Next-Mark Zuckerberg”.

Together, we form a social enterprise promoting and sharing consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and wearables to their peers, friends and family.

Meanwhile, GYs (our recruits) offers free advice in aid to make the right choices and teach and assist their customers (their peers, friends and family) to optimise the usage of the gadgets purchased hence maximising their return of investment.

Henceforth, during their journey with GadgetYouth, GYs will be sharing with their peers, friends and family and also gain some profit from the gadgets they promote in the process.

Our goal is to nurture┬ásome of our talented GYs to continue pursue in the gadget goods entrepreneurship. With the knowledge and understanding of deficiencies in the gadgets through their experience in their journey with GadgetYouth, they will be able to produce a better product. These GYs are the ones who’ll possibly become “The-Next-Steve Jobs” who will in turn create more job opportunities for graduates and contribute to the betterment of our nation’s economy.

Who we are


We are a group of technology purveyors and users who love to shoutout and share when a good gadget that eases our daily lives surfaces to market.

Furthermore, with the current climate of “Money Never Enough” and our desire to inculcate good entrepreneurial habits in students, GadgetYouth was born.